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Wallpaper Trends 2014

Does your interior design need a little lift? TotallyCustomWallpaper.com customers are constantly inspiring us with new and creative wall decor ideas! There are definitely a few wallpaper trends 2014 has brought that stand out above the rest. Below are some of our favorites. Which wallpaper trend could you see in your home of office? Vintage / Retro Custom Lettering Create a custom mural design that expresses personal sentiments or the name of someone special! Decorative initials make great wallpaper patterns, too.   Black and White Photo Mural Display an extreme close-up of a flower…or try enlarging your puppy’s portrait. The above project is an image our customer provided with a custom design change to a black and white background with color remaining only on the flowers.

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    Our Totally Custom World Map Murals Bring the World to Your Walls

Our Totally Custom World Map Murals Bring the World to Your Walls

World map murals are THE 2014 trend in wallpaper murals. TotallyCustomWallpaper.com world map murals can be seen everywhere from children’s bedrooms to board rooms! A world map mural can inspire dreams of travel, encourage little ones’ understanding of geography, or simply demonstrate your very own worldly style. Your custom world map mural from

Totally Custom Wallpaper Designer Insights Feature

Our very own Teresa Basch was recently featured in Designer Insights on the Terry’s Blinds blog. The Totally Custom Wallpaper Designer Insights share a little about what inspires Teresa and the rest of us at TotallyCustomWallpaper.com (hint, it’s all about our customers), and some favorite trends. And while you are there, you might want to check out some additional nifty posts like The six stylistic themes of Wes Anderson in 45 gifs, or the other Designer Insights posts. Read the Totally Custom Wallpaper Designer Insights feature here.

custom wallpaper design interview

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    We Love Our New Custom Murals at TotallyCustomWallpaper.com Headquarters

We Love Our New Custom Murals at TotallyCustomWallpaper.com Headquarters

The TotallyCustomWallpaper.com team works hard to create the perfect wall environments for our customers. And we like to have dynamic walls of our own, too! We recently expanded our space, and it was time to add some custom flair. Here are our before and after pics with a little info about the inspiration behind our choice of custom art and photo murals. We would love to hear what you think about them. Production Room – Before Chris wanted a view of the stars. Meghan wanted something more high-energy and dynamic. So they compromised… Production Room – With Custom Digital Wall Art To implement both ideas, we Photoshopped a background of constellations behind a skyline of Atlanta. The compromise was not such a compromise after all!

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Eye-Catching Wallpaper Ideas from Decoist


We all need a little design inspiration when embarking on a new project, don’t we? A great place to start is at Alex Ion’s interior design and architecture blog, Decoist. The site is not only great for browsing, but there are posts on solving very specific design problems such as Cool Room Ideas for Girls or options for DIY Pallet Furniture. Type just about any interior design whimsy into the search box, and you will not be disappointed with the results!

We’re sort of partial to wallpaper design ideas over here, and there is a great post at Decoist titled 20 Eye-Catching Wallpapered Rooms you might like if you are considering wallpaper but aren’t sure what style. If you find a favorite wallpaper or mural, we can create custom wallpaper in that style for you, and personalize the design as much as you like! Get wallpaper inspiration on the 20 Eye-Catching Wallpapered Rooms post, by Kate Simmons, here.




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A Mural Story About Gratitiude

Kristen E. Woolley shares her journey and how some very special TotallyCustomWallpaper.com murals represent her feelings about encouraging relationships, the Turning Point Women’s Counseling and Advocacy Center, and her life: My mural story is about gratitude. My mural represents one piece of trying to find a way to express gratitude for a priceless gift, the gift of saying …”I believe in you.” My story begins with a little old house that sits on a corner of a busy street in my town. Every day for almost a year I would drive past this old red brick house, I would see the For Sale sign in the yard and I would daydream. I would visualize my dream becoming a reality in this old red brick house. One day I risked, I risked sharing my dream with a woman who I have respect for, who has wisdom that I admire, who radiates kindness and goodness. In the beginning of my journey she simply was a professional in the same field and over time she became my colleague but most importantly she became my mentor. I risked in sharing my dream with this woman, I was afraid she would tell me it was crazy, too much to make it a reality, way too big for me to do, etc. I thought it would sound ridiculous to this very wise woman. To my surprise she listened, really listened to my idea, to my dream, to the house calling me and she told me…”Go For It! You can do this, it will be amazing! I believe in you!”

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Hello and Welcome to Our Totally On the Wall Design Ideas Blog!

Wall Design Ideas Photo Mural

Hello and welcome to our new blog, Totally On the Wall! At TotallyCustomWallpaper.com we look forward to joining the interior design and DIY blogosphere with wall design ideas, tips and interior design tricks for anyone who would like to converse on the topic of, “How can I decorate my walls?”

Sure, we will be sharing our endeavors in creating custom wallpaper, photo murals and borders… But we will also publish articles on hanging wall art, wall lighting options, diy wall decor, interior design ideas and more! On the Totally On the Wall Design blog you might learn of the latest wall trends, traditions and accomplishments by some very creative decorators, both professional and DIY!

We invite you to submit your relevant blog entries to us, and we may feature you with a link to your article!

So please comment, make submissions and enjoy! And don’t be afraid to ask questions on a post, or to contact us in an email, or here.

Happy wall blogging!
~ The TotallyCustomWallpaper.com Team

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