If you haven’t heard, wallpaper is back and in a big way. This isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper or wallpaper you may find in an office building hallway. The new generation of wall paper is bold, exciting and increasingly more custom and more affordable than ever.

Have you stayed in a boutique hotel lately? If so, you have definitely seen the impact of the new designs in wallcoverings. Bold custom patterns and colors are used to add a unique style and accent colors to lobbies and rooms. Increasingly, these are created specifically for the hotel chain in order to create a more hip, proprietary look. The more you are aware of custom wallpaper, the more you will see it nearly every place you go. From office building to retail store and restaurants, modern designers are using it everywhere.

Today, consumers have a wide variety of wallpapers and designs to choose from. You don’t have to settle for preprinted designs with fixed colors. Why compromise? From the look and feel of the wall covering stock to the durability of the finished product, there are custom options to fit most budgets and uses. Options include different textures, prepasted papers wallpapers, heavy duty vinyl wallcoverings or peel and stick products and our knowledgeable customer service person can help you find the perfect product for your needs.

What is even more important is that with current digital technology, wallpaper can be customized to fit your very specific style and taste. Not only can you choose the stock you prefer, but the design and colors options are endless. What’s even better is you don’t even have to be a graphic designer or very computer savvy to get a pattern and color that are […]