Why is Totally Custom Wallpaper your best choice?
Simply put, quality and service. We have been producing high quality custom wallpaper since 1997, and we are constantly researching new materials and production techniques to assure we are providing the best quality product on the market. Our wallpaper is a commercial grade Type 2, heavier duty more tear resistant product. It is latex infused, which gives it superior dimensional stability for ease of install.  Many professional installers have told us it is the best quality wallpaper they have ever installed!

Every job is a custom project. We print only the size you need in order to cut down on waste, ensuring easy installation with the fewest seams possible. In addition to our wallpaper, we offer a wide variety of wall décor products. Each one is tried, tested and custom crafted to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer service team will guide you to the best products to achieve your design objectives. We will guide you through each step and give you accurate and timely estimates, schedules and delivery to make sure your décor project is a success!

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