Wallpaper FAQ

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Just Contact Us and one of our design specialists will assist you.

When can I expect my finished job?

We typically ship within one to two weeks after proof approval. Please call us if you have a specific deadline that does not meet that production schedule.

What is the wallpaper made of?

Our murals, wallpaper and borders are made of a latex-saturated paper stock manufactured specifically for use as wallcoverings. While handling and performance features are similar to those of a vinyl-coated paper, professional installers have told us that this material is easier to install because it behaves like “traditional” wallpaper. This material will not stretch as much as some vinyl products which helps to prevent alignment problems during installation. The product is strippable with recommended pastes and wall preparation. All of our materials are warranted.

Can I hang the wall mural myself?

We HIGHLY recommend using a professional wallpaper installer for your wall covering. Our panels can run up to 4’ wide and are larger than standard wallpaper rolls. A professional can reference our installation instructions which are included with every order.

Is the paper pre-pasted?

No, but our installation instructions include our recommended products for hanging your custom wallpaper.

What kind of finish does the paper have?

After the wall covering is printed and coated, the paper will have a lustre finish (between matte and gloss).

What size is a standard roll of wallpaper border?

Given that we print custom wallpaper borders, we do not have any standard sizes. A general rule of thumb is to create a border with a width that matches your wall height. As an example, for an 8′ high ceiling, use an 8″ border. We typically provide rolls between 12″- 15″ for easier handling and installation.

How many rolls of wallpaper will it take for my project?

We print our custom murals and wallpaper in wide panels as opposed to traditional commercial rolls, so you will have fewer seams on the wall. Each panel is approximately 4′ wide by your ceiling height and includes image overlap to minimize any seam visibility. Dividing the width of your project by 4′ will give you an idea of how many panels will be created for your project.

What size can I make my mural?

Because we print custom wall coverings, we can produce murals, wallpaper and borders in any size. Simply give us your wall dimensions and we print only what you need. Please keep in mind that we need a high resolution digital image for the best outcome.

What is the preferred format for digital files?

Formats – We accept files in EPS, PSD, TIFF, JPG, and PDF formats. Additionally, we accept digital art in native file formats from all the most common programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, and QuarkXpress. In certain circumstances, we can work with other file formats so please call us to discuss your image files. Unfortunately we do not accept Corel, Publisher, or Pagemaker files. Also we do not accept low res images copied from a website.

When sending an EPS file, be sure to Create Outlines for any fonts. This helps to prevent any “missing font” issues. When sending Quark and InDesign files be sure to include all of your linked assets ( images, fonts, etc.).

Image Resolution and Quality – An image resolution of at least 75 DPI is required for photos and other similar images to achieve acceptable reproduction. The better the quality of the image you provide, the better your final product will be.

Color – Our color management software transforms RGB color into CMYK color for printing so files in either color space is acceptable. For logos and other design elements where the best possible match is desired, please specifiy Pantone® colors or send us color swatches.

I love the idea, but I cannot find the right image.

Let our design team create the perfect image for your commercial, retail or residential space. Simply provide the color scheme and concept and let us handle the rest. We can also assist you in locating a photographic image.

What can I incorporate into my custom wall covering?

You can use high resolution digital images, personal photographs, artwork, drawings, text, your corporate logo etc. If you have conventional artwork, we can scan the image to create a high resolution digital image. Please see our minimum requirements for digital files.