Wallpaper Product

Self Stick Vinyl
Self Stick Vinyl (also called peel & stick) is extremely durable but slightly more difficult to install. This is a vinyl wallpaper product that comes with a removable adhesive on the back. The adhesive has a release liner similar to shelf paper or bumper stickers. If you are going to be covering a large area, we suggest you hire a professional installer.  If you have ever tried to put down a large sticker without air or wrinkles, you’ll know why. Most professional wallpaper hangers are experienced in hanging adhesive products, but make sure to ask. Vinyl is thicker than our self stick cloth so it will help hide imperfections or slight paint textures on the install surface. It can be removed provided the wall has been primed and painted properly with out loose paint or patches, without harming the underlying surface. It is ideal for high moisture installations. Vinyl has the most sheen or gloss of any of our products.

Self Stick Cloth
Self Stick cloth is our easiest to install self adhesive product. It is a thin woven polyester fabric that has an adhesive on the back. This product has a low tack, removable adhesive and will not harm your painted surface. It can be peeled back and re-positioned multiple times. Because the product is very thin, it will not hide surface defects as well as vinyl or wallpaper product. It is perfect for temporary installations or accent pieces.

Our wallpaper product is a tried and true wall covering. We utilize a heavy weight, tear resistant paper. This is not the same consumer type wallpaper typically used in home décor. At Totally Custom Wallpaper we offer a professional weight paper that helps hide surface imperfections and is extremely durable. It does require wallpaper paste to install, but if the wall is primed properly, it comes down easily. Most people think adhesive products are easier to install, but that is not always the case. Using wallpaper with a paste makes it easy to slide and position paper before drying. This actually makes it easier for multiple panel installations.

Still have questions?  Give us a call and let us help you choose the perfect product for your project.