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Our team of professionals is here to assist you in every step of the process. Whether you need production only, everything from design to installation, or any commercial wallpaper project in between. At, we have over two decades of experience delivering custom wallpaper products with online ordering, up to the minute job tracking, or next day delivery service. We’ll just handle it. You’ll have peace of mind and the confidence to know your commercial wallpaper order will be on time and to spec.

Combining Art, Materials, Partnership, and Performance, our proprietary AMPP process assures success through solid communication, coordination, and high-quality production and delivery.

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We recommend 10 mil latex-saturated paper manufactured specifically for wallpaper and murals. We’ve worked with every material on the market but always come back to 10 mil latex-saturated. It is the best combination of material weight and cost. It’s handling of the inks is superior and this makes it efficient and less prone to hanging problems for the paper hanger. Although we don’t recommend other types of materials for wall coverings, we can certainly work with you to choose the best materials for your specific needs. Our base stock is green and will biodegrade. The coating on the top is polyester and will not biodegrade, it has only the environmental impact of 1 plastic bottle per 50 sq ft. Prepasted papers tend to be dimensionally unstable.

Custom murals can be any size you need. We print in panels that are floor to ceiling in height (up to 18’) and panel widths up to 52” in order to minimize seams and allow for efficient installation. When designing repeating patterns, the alignment should always be completed lining up the right top and the left bottom and lining them up mathematically rather than by sight on the computer screen. Small misalignments may show up on a large wall.

We recommend adding 2” on all sides of the measurements. This ensures ease of installation if walls are not perfectly square, and to allow wallpaper hangers extra material for trimming to wall edges.

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