We all need a little design inspiration when embarking on a new project, don’t we? A great place to start is at Alex Ion’s interior design and architecture blog, Decoist. The site is not only great for just browsing. There are posts on very specific interests and trends, like Cool Room Ideas for Girls or DIY Pallet Furniture. Type just about any interior design whimsy into the search box, and you will not be disappointed with the results! Try “wallpaper ideas”. ;)

We’re sort of partial to wallpaper design ideas over here. There is a great post at Decoist titled 20 Eye-Catching Wallpapered Rooms if you are considering wallpaper but aren’t sure what style. Browse through the blog. Furthermore, if you find a favorite wallpaper or mural, we can create custom wallpaper in that exact style for you. Or personalize the design as much as you like! Get wallpaper inspiration on the post by Kate Simmons, here.

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