Does your interior design need a little lift? customers are constantly inspiring us with new and creative wall decor ideas! There are definitely a few wallpaper trends 2014 has brought that stand out above the rest. Below are some of our favorites.

Which wallpaper trend could you see in your home or office?


Vintage / Retro Custom Lettering

vintage mural trends 2014

Create a custom mural design that expresses personal sentiments or the name of someone special! Decorative initials make great wallpaper patterns, too.


Black and White Photo Mural

flower-photo-mural trend 2014

Display an extreme close-up of a flower…or try enlarging your puppy’s portrait. The above project is an image our customer provided with a custom design change to a black and white background with color remaining only on the flowers.


Bold Geometric Design on Accent Wall


Accent walls plus bold geometric patterns equal design sizzle.


Gray and White Patterns

gray wallpaper trend 2014

Gray and white are currently being integrated everywhere and it looks great. It’s the new neutral.



nature-mural-trend 2014

Nature inspired murals and patterns are nothing new, but a polaroid/Instagram look or conversion to black and white add panache to your nature photos.

Now it’s your turn…what wallpaper trends have you noticed this year?